Slot machine glitch borderlands 2

slot machine glitch borderlands 2

For Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Answers question titled Their used to be a glitch when you would shoot the slot machine and it would do. here it is the long awaited vid sorry that it took so long to put up as you will see at the end i gad to re-shoot it like. ORANGE! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: I've heard shooting the "o" in "jackpot", using the piano, etc. It also really helps if you have a class mod that increases any of those three skills. Trades count whether you actually trade anything or not. Carbon Tomb Raider Underworld Featured Forums Batman: I've been trying to find a decent Hyperion shotgun ever since I sold my other purple one. The heroes are then rescued by three birds from the erupting volcano. Android livescore app Terramorphous deals heavy damage, you will probably go down a few times. Fight your way through this area until you reach a bridge. When you are given the option to either kill Jack or let Lilith kill him, jump into the lava. Open the chest to get some good loot and the "Feels Like The First Time" achievement. Borderlands 2 K XP Glitch. Sign up for free! PS4 Xbox One PC Switch Xbox PS3 Wii U 3DS Vita Wii DS PS2 Other Systems PSP Xbox GameCube PSOne N64 GBA Game Boy Dreamcast DVD. However, if you just kill him, you will get a large amount of XP, depending on what level you are level appropriate on the first playthrough is between 1,, XP per kill, and the second playthrough is between 2,, XP per kill. In the Vault Of The Warrior, you will reach a bridge to walk over the lava there is a lava fall to the right of the bridge shortly after entering the area. After jumping down, you will enter the Rat's Nest. slot machine glitch borderlands 2 Submit a new post. This is an archived post. EvelSaiyan EvelSaiyan 4 years ago 6 Can you actually get something worthwhile from the slot machines? Take turns defeating each other until both players have 50 duel wins each. You must then travel to a special enemy called Geary on the volcano in Eridium Blight. The following achievements require the "Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt" bonus downloadable content:. When you scan the code, it says: Fight your way through this area free on line casino you reach a bridge. Continue until you are at the very edge of the map, on a beach overlooking the reservoir. Try to keep finding him around Sanctuary to get more rewards from. Gearbox has also stated they are planning on giving away more Golden Keys through future promotions and events. Dec 18, 12 at 3:

Slot machine glitch borderlands 2 Video

Borderlands 2 How To Cheat At Slot Machines!



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